Dont Expect Marvel X Men Films Until 2022

Don’t Expect Marvel “X-Men” Films Until 2022?

The Fox-Disney deal is complete with the "X-Men," "Fantastic Four" and "Deadpool" franchises now officially back at Disney and under the purview of Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige like fans have been apparently clamouring for. However, those hoping to see a...
Google Announces Gaming Platform Stadia

Google Announces Gaming Platform Stadia

Google officially announced their new video game platform today - Stadia - which offers instant access to your favorite games on any type of screen - TV, laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The cloud gaming platform doesn’t require a...
Fox Shareholders Agree To Disney Deal

The Disney-Fox Acquisition Is Complete

Almost two years on it's finally over - Disney’s $71.3 billion deal to acquire key entertainment assets from 21st Century Fox has been completed with the acquisition to become effective just a few hours from now - at 12:02...

Consumers Suffering From SVOD Fatigue

While freedom of choice is critical to mental well being, too much of it can cause psychological stress and undermine happiness in a phenomenon dubbed the paradox of choice. We experience it at supermarkets, evaluating potential college courses,...
Eva Green Bond Should Always Be A Man

Eva Green: Bond Should Always Be A Man

Daniel Craig's still got one more James Bond in him, after that the casting speculation about who will be the next can begin again. When it does the inevitable questions will be asked in regards to changing up the character....
Multiple Studios Keen To Hire James Gunn

James Gunn Returns For Third “Guardians”

In a totally unexpected announcement, Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have reportedly rehired James Gunn as writer/director of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3". Deadline broke the news, saying they've confirmed it with both Marvel and Gunn’s camp. Gunn's...
Rotten Tomatoes May Tighten Audience Guidelines

Rotten Tomatoes May Tighten Audience Guidelines

Following a deluge of negative posts about "Captain Marvel" in late February, review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes revealed it would no longer allow users to vote on whether they want to see a movie until it begins playing in...

“Alien” 40th Anniversary Shorts Revealed

The "Alien" franchise celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and now Twentieth Century Fox Film has partnered with global creative community Tongal to develop and produce a half-dozen original shorts set in the world of the groundbreaking sci-fi horror...
Sony Sets Spider Man Plans Through 2026

Sony Sets “Spider-Man” Plans Through 2026

After seemingly oversaturating the market with a couple of average films featuring the character, Sony Pictures managed to turn the tide on a growing apathy towards screen adventures with Spider-Man in the past two years. The new take on the...
Captain Marvel First Reactions And Trolls Attack

Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

Updated As Of March 9th 2019 With the release of Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" in cinemas, I decided it was time to look back at the twenty-one films so far of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and figure out a...
Filmmakers Respond To Spielbergs Netflix Battle

Filmmakers Respond To Spielberg’s Netflix Battle

A report broke through on Friday that Steven Spielberg was set to propose a rule change at the next meeting of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences that will make it more difficult for Netflix films and...
Spielberg Leads Oscar Charge Against Netflix

Spielberg Leads Oscar Charge Against Netflix?

While Netflix's "Roma" may not have won the Best Picture Oscar last weekend, it got within such close spitting distance that it has rattled conservative elements of the film industry into action. IndieWire reports that the Academy of Motion Pictures...
Samsungs Exit From Blu Ray Raises Concerns

Samsung’s Exit From Blu-ray Raises Concerns

Over a decade ago, manufacturer Samsung was the first to release a commercial Blu-ray video disc player to market. Three years ago they introduced the world's first 4K/Ultra Blu-ray player. How things have changed as last week the company...
Green Book Win Upsets Pundits Spike Lee

“Green Book” Win Upsets Pundits & Spike Lee

After much controversy, the hostless Oscars went ahead last night without much of a hitch. Coming in at just over three hours, the ceremony itself was surprisingly smooth, flowing fast so that half the awards were already handed...
Green Book Now The Oscar Frontrunner

The 2019 Oscar Winners

This year’s Oscar winners have been announced and "Green Book" took the top honor of Best Picture along with Original Screenplay and Supporting Actor. "Bohemian Rhapsody" proved the biggest winner with the Queen biopic taking four gongs...
Netflix Cancels The Punisher Jessica Jones

Netflix Cancels “The Punisher,” “Jessica Jones”

It's official. A month on from the launch of the second season of "The Punisher," Netflix has officially axed both it and "Jessica Jones" - its last two remaining Marvel series. There will be no third season of...
Oscars Change All Awards Now Presented Fully

Oscars Change: All Awards Now Presented Fully

In a dramatic turnaround, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has agreed to reverse its initial decision to tape-delay four categories on the upcoming Oscars telecast. Now, all of the awards will be handed out live including Cinematography,...
Filming Wraps On Star Wars Episode Ix

Filming Wraps On “Star Wars: Episode IX”

After more than six months of filming, J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars: Episode IX" wrapped principal photography today. The project marks the ninth and final installment in the main "Star Wars" saga and the third in the current series...
Amazon To Release Films Direct To Service

Amazon To Release Films Direct-To-Service

Two years ago Amazon crowed loudly about the fact that, unlike its competitor Netflix, it would acquiesce to exhibitor wishes to maintain the 90-day theatrical window and thus release all its original films in cinemas exclusively first before putting...
Warnermedia Reveals Streaming Service Details

WarnerMedia Reveals Streaming Service Details

TBS/TNT President Kevin Reilly appeared at the Television Critics Association presentation this week and has offered the most detailed plans thus far for WarnerMedia's proposed streaming service which he'll be heading up. Launch wise a beta version of the service...
Four Oscars To Be Given During Ad Breaks

Four Oscars To Be Given During Ad Breaks

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences have announced that four categories will be presented during commercial breaks when the 91st Oscars are broadcast by ABC on February 24th. The surprise is which categories however. Rather than the...
Hulu Announces Four Marvel Cartoon Series

Hulu Announces Four Marvel Animated Series

Following their successful collaboration on the live-action "Runaways," streaming giant Hulu used its Television Critics Association panel to announce a new partnership with Marvel that will yield four adult animated series and a standalone special. Those four series? "Marvel's Howard...
Disney Streaming Service Name Early Slate

Disney+ To Cost $150M In Forgone Revenue

When Disney kicks off its own Disney+ streaming service later this year, it will pull back its content from others like Netflix. Once it does, the Mouse House will be losing the revenue it would receive from rival...
Mgm Annapurna Resurrect United Artists

MGM & Annapurna Resurrect United Artists

Annapurna Pictures and MGM's joint distribution venture has rebranded itself as United Artists Releasing, MGM resurrecting the famed UA label which celebrates a century this coming week. This rebranded entity will proceed with its planned slate of films in the...
Ultraviolet Digital Service Is Shutting Down

Ultraviolet Digital Service Is Shutting Down

Ultraviolet, the cloud-based digital rights locker service that served as Hollywood's go to place for digital copies of films for a while there, is closing down. The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), an industry consortium of 85 companies including all...
Disney Outspending Netflix In 2019

Disney To Outspend Netflix In 2019

A new feature piece in trade paper Variety has gone into detail about what's going on behind-the-scenes to get the upcoming Disney+ streaming service up and running. The most interesting fact? Spending. The report indicates Disney will spend...
New Images From Tarantinos Hollywood

New Photos From Tarantino’s “Hollywood”

One or two photos were released a few months back, but now new official photos have just been released by Vanity Fair in a feature piece about Quentin Tarantino's Los Angeles 1969-set noir tale "Once Upon a Time in...
The 2019 Oscar Nominees

The 2019 Oscar Nominations

This year’s Oscar nominations have been announced via a direct streaming broadcast live this morning. "Roma” and "The Favourite" led the field with ten nominations each followed by eight for "Vice” and "A Star Is Born,” seven for...
The Notable Films Of 2019 T Z

The Notable Films Of 2019: T-Z

In this sixth and final volume of DH’s yearly film preview guide we farewell a loud-mouthed matriarch, take another look at Australia's most famous outlaw, engage in some more zombie fun, revisit Buzz and Woody, deal with the latest...
The Notable Films Of 2019 O S

The Notable Films Of 2019: O-S

In this fifth volume of DH’s yearly film preview guide there's three superhero films all with quite different tones and ambitions, a new take on Dickens, the end of an iconic action cinema figure, the closure of a modern...

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