Scorsese Has More To Say On Cinema Today

Scorsese Has More To Say On Cinema Today

It ain't just Marvel movies in his sights today. Filmmaker Martin Scorsese drew headlines a few weeks back saying he wasn't a fan of Marvel movies, dubbing them 'not cinema' and more akin to theme park rides than films. Those comments...
China Cancels Tarantinos Hollywood Release

China Cancels Tarantino’s “Hollywood” Release

Quentin Tarantino's hopes of taking "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" to China next week, his first proper release in the Middle Kingdom in years, appear to be in ruins. The film was expected to open there as Chinese financier,...
Studio Ghibli Films Coming To Hbo Max

Studio Ghibli Films Coming To HBO Max

A day after a representative for indie animation distributor GKIDS indicated to an outlet this week there were no plans for Studio Ghibli's film library to come to streaming, the studio itself has now very publicly changed that policy. In...
New Lion King Character Posters Tv Spot

Elton John Disappointed By “Lion King” Remake

While it made a bunch of money, critical reaction towards Disney's "The Lion King" remake was not kind - the visuals were praised for their realism, but the film was widely derided as being hollow, unmoving, even downright creepy. In...
Norton Theaters Not Netflix Are Killing Cinema

Norton: Theaters, Not Netflix, Are Killing Cinema

Talk with anyone in the film industry and they'll almost certainly have an opinion on the ongoing recent debate over the true definition of cinema as filmmakers from Steven Spielberg to Martin Scorsese have all weighed in on the...
Disney Announces Over 600 Catalog Titles

Disney+ Announces Over 600 Catalog Titles

The official Twitter feed for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service went nuts today, tweeting out graphics for nearly 600 titles that will be available on the service launching on November 12th. The list includes a ton of classic movies and...
First Trailer Martin Scorseses The Irishman

Scorsese Defends Netflix’s “Irishman” Backing

The international premiere of Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman" closed out the London Film Festival this weekend where the Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci vehicle played to rave reviews and serious awards talk, just like in the...
Ed Norton Reflects On Hulk Departure

Ed Norton Reflects On “Hulk” Departure

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is like a well-oiled machine at this point, but in its early days it broke a few cogs getting to where it needed to be. Case in point is "The Incredible Hulk," the Ed Norton-led...
Scorsese Marvel Movies Are Not Cinema

Scorsese: Marvel Movies Are “Not Cinema”

Film Twitter & Reddit are abuzz this morning over some new comments from master filmmaker Martin Scorsese who has pretty much ruled himself out of making a comic book movie. While Marvel Studios has been increasingly hiring some impressive auteurs...
Edgerton Regrets Boy Erased Cinema Release

Edgerton Regrets “Boy Erased” Cinema Release

Aussie actor Joel Edgerton has made waves in recent years as a filmmaker in his own right, directing both 2015's "The Gift" and last year's "Boy Erased" - the first opening wide and the second in limited release. Recently he's...
Tom Holland Saved The Spider Man Deal

Tom Holland Saved The “Spider-Man” Deal

A new report indicates that young actor Tom Holland, the current star of the "Spider-Man" franchise, is the one to thank for Sony and Disney-Marvel coming back together for a third installment of the franchise within the MCU. Heat Vision...
Marvel Tvs Future Looking Uncertain

Marvel TV’s Future Looking Uncertain?

One big difference between the various upcoming Disney+ Marvel series and all the other Marvel TV shows to date is that of who will produce them. Jeph Loeb's Marvel TV is behind the various Marvel series on Netflix, ABC, Freeform...
Disney Marvel Reaching Spider Man 3 Deal

Disney & Sony Reach “Spider-Man 3” Deal

After a very public falling out, Sony Pictures and Disney/Marvel are not only back at the negotiating table but are closing a deal that will see Marvel Studios produce one more Tom Holland-led "Spider-Man" film for Sony. In addition, not...
Marvels Feige To Produce A Star Wars Film

Marvel’s Feige To Produce A “Star Wars” Film

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is teaming with Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy to produce a new "Star Wars" film, one of a new wave of projects set in the universe that are expected to be announced. Heat Vision reports that Feige...
Irishman To Slowly Explore Toxic Masculinity

“Irishman” To Slowly Explore Toxic Masculinity

At three-and-a-half hours in length, Martin Scorsese's new crime drama feature "The Irishman" has plenty of breathing room to explore its characters, its historical events and its themes. Speaking to Deadline this week, producer Jane Rosenthal explains that those expecting...
Jurassic World Short Film Sequel Online

“Jurassic World” Short Film Sequel Online

Following its airing a few hours ago, Universal Pictures has brought the Colin Trevorrow-directed eight-minute short film "Jurassic World: Battle at Big Rock" online. Written by Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael, the short takes place one year after the events of...
Portrait Filmmaker Defends The Male Gaze

“Portrait” Filmmaker Defends The Male Gaze

A few years ago Cannes was aflutter over the Palme d'Or winning contemporary lesbian romance drama "Blue is the Warmest Color" which hailed from male French filmmaker Abdellatif Kechiche. The film was highly praised at the time and...
Streep Is All For Netflixs Release Strategy

Streep Is All For Netflix’s Release Strategy

If there's one lady who is effectively guaranteed film awards nominations every year, it's Meryl Streep who remains one of the most famous actresses to ever grace the big screen. She's back this year and working with another celebrated auteur,...

“Assassin’s Creed” Director Reflects On Issues

In 2016 came two films directed by auteurs that many hoped would break the 'video game adaptation' curse - Duncan Jones' "Warcraft" and Justin Kurzel's "Assassin's Creed". 'Creed' in particular showed real promise with "Snowtown" and "Macbeth" director Kurzel, a...
Dh Interview Bill Hader For It Chapter Two

DH Interview: Bill Hader For “IT: Chapter Two”

Bill Hader can't help be sceptical of showbusiness, which is fair enough when you've spent as long as he has in it. At 41, the Saturday Night Live alumni is having one of those 'big' career moments Hollywood...
Study Longer Is Better With Film Runtimes

Study: Longer Is Better… With Film Runtimes

Between "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" at 160 minutes, "IT: Chapter Two" at 165 minutes and the upcoming "The Irishman" at 210 minutes, longer movies seem to be coming back into favour. Now a new piece of analysis has...
Joker Team Talk Defying Categorisation

“Joker” Team Talk Defying Categorisation

People's reactions to the recent trailer for "Joker" this week show that some are still trying to force the film into a template that's comfortably familiar to them. Some are trying to see how it connects to the DCEU...
Cameron Talks New Terminator Trilogy Plans

Cameron Talks New “Terminator” Trilogy Plans

Following the drop of the full trailer a few hours ago, filmmaker James Cameron has sat down with Deadline for an extended interview about "Terminator: Dark Fate" which marks his return to the franchise that launched his career. Skydance Productions,...
Dh Interview Domhnall Gleeson Talks The Kitchen

DH Interview: Domhnall Gleeson On “The Kitchen”

-- EDITOR'S NOTE: A guest column today from one of Dark Horizons' colleagues, award-wining pop culture journalist and author Maria Lewis whose next book, "The Wailing Woman," is out in November. Maria recently attended a junket for "The...
Schumacher Reflects On Batman Forever

Schumacher Reflects On “Batman Forever”

Filmmaker Joel Schumacher has rather interesting stories to share. In a wide-ranging interview for Vulture, the now 79-year-old "Batman and Robin" and "Falling Down" director reflected on the films he made across a range of genres from 1974 to 2011...
James Gray Cinema In Utterly Perilous State

James Gray: Cinema In ‘Utterly Perilous State’

The Venice Film Festival has kicked off and one of the highlights of the upcoming slate is "The Lost City of Z" and "We Own the Night" director James Gray's new big-budget sci-fi epic "Ad Astra," a Brad Pitt-led...
Netflix Sets Fall 2019 Awards Film Slate

Netflix Sets Fall 2019 Awards Film Slate

With only the odd exception, Netflix generally doesn't announce its new film and TV season release dates until a month or two before release. Therefore there is often a question as to when their more high-profile film projects...
First Trailer The Mandalorian Series

First Trailer: “The Mandalorian” Series

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was on hand to unveil the first trailer for the first live-action "Star Wars" series "The Mandalorian" which has now gone online. The series is set five years after the events of "Return of the Jedi",...
Moon Knight She Hulk Coming To Disney

“Moon Knight,” “She-Hulk” Coming To Disney+

Following on from this morning's announcement of the "Ms. Marvel" TV series, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed at D23 this morning two more previously unannounced shows coming to the Disney+ streaming service. Those shows? "Moon Knight" and...
Marvel Is Out From Future Spider Man Films

Marvel Is Out From Future “Spider-Man” Films

An inability by Disney and Sony Pictures to reach new terms in an agreement means Marvel Studios and its president Kevin Feige will no longer be involved in the production of any more "Spider-Man" films - effectively terminating the...

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