Second Trailer: “Ghostbusters”

A few months ago the teaser trailer for the Paul Feig-directed “Ghostbusters” reboot generated a lot of heated debate about the project and has become infamous in its own right for being the most disliked film trailer in Youtube history, results which have since been shown to be skewed by a bunch of trolls.

There’s been a few more seconds of footage shown in an international teaser and some featurettes since then, but Sony have had to play it very careful with the marketing since and haven’t really shown off anything else – until today.

Now comes the full trailer for the reboot of the supernatural action comedy franchise with the new trailer. Containing almost all new footage, this puts less emphasis on the gags and more on the action and plot. There’s a lot more visual effects and a darker tone than the almost goofy one of the first trailer along with both a lot more Chris Hemsworth and just overall scale to the whole thing. Check it out below, the film opens July 22nd.