Second Invasion Bigger Than Expected

The other month it was revealed that the Wachowski brothers had been brought in on reshoots of Warner Bros. Pictures feature “The Invasion,” now comes word that those reshoots may be more extensive than first thought.

The Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig-led sci-fi thriller, originally planned as an update of the often remade “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” story, was helmed by acclaimed “Downfall” director Oliver Hirschbiegel. Filmed late 2005, Hirschbiegel delivered his cut to the studio and moved on to other projects.

When the studio asked for reshoots, and Hirschbiegel was unavailable to do them, the Wachowski Brothers were asked to take over. The pair were busy prepping “Speed Racer” so they got their “V for Vendetta” helmer James McTeigue to handle the work.

Reshoots then took place late 2006/early 2007 – a small car accident on set involving Kidman became world news and alerted people to the reshoots happening in the first place.

Now comes a report today from Collider which says those reshoots were more extensive than first thought –

“They rewrote over two-thirds of the film… Joel Silver and Warner Bros. knew that they were capable of creating a more commercially accessible and large scale film than had previously been put together. Apparently, the earlier cut may have been a little artsy, talky, and not exactly a summer tentpole.”

The move makes sense and isn’t the first time this has happened. The most notable comparison of course being the famed “Exorcist: The Beginning” when helmer Paul Schrader’s more arty thriller was massively reshot by Renny Harlin into a more action-oriented horror piece. The question is, if the report is accurate then will Hirschbiegel’s version ever see the light of day on DVD?