Sebastian Stan Still In “Captain America”

Though he missed out on playing the titular hero, hunky actor Sebastian Stan (TV’s “Kings,” “Gossip Girl”) will still be involved with Marvel Studios’ “The First Avenger: Captain America” film.

Several sources report that Stan has signed a multi-picture deal to play Bucky Barnes, a sidekick from the early days of the comic who became the Soviet assassin Winter Soldier, and later briefly the Captain himself after the death of Steve Rogers.

Initially Barnes was an orphan who discovered Captain America’s true identity and partners up with him to fight the Nazis during World War 2. He was seemingly killed in the same plane explosion that hurled Rogers into the North Atlantic sea where his body was frozen and then revived decades later.

In 2005 Barnes returned – the character having been rescued from the sea by the Soviets. Struck with amnesia and now sporting a bionic arm to replace the one lost in the explosion, he becomes a ruthless assassin for them.

Stan’s deal is expected to include not just the “Captain America” film but “The Avengers” and other Marvel titles. Filming on the project kicks off this Summer in Europe.

The news comes as Marvel Studios has finally issued a press release officially confirming Chris Evans will star as Steve Rogers/Captain America.