Searchlight Posts Fake “Birdman Returns” Trailer

In one of the most enjoyable bits of film marketing in a long time, Fox Searchlight is promoting its acclaimed indie black comedy/drama “Birdman” with a fake trailer for the superhero franchise that its lead character was once a part of.

For those not familiar with the film, Michael Keaton plays a washed up actor named Riggan Thompson who was a major star in the early 1990s playing the titular hero in a trio of blockbuster ‘Birdman’ movies. Riggan pulled out of a fourth film in the series, and his career subsequently collapsed. Now, two decades on, he’s trying mount a comeback by putting on a Broadway play.

“Birdman” doesn’t include any footage from the three “Birdman” films-within-the-film, so Searchlight has decided to do one itself for the second film in the series, 1992’s “Birdman Returns” – amusingly enough the same year that Keaton donned the Batsuit for Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”.