Sean Bean Is The First Target Of “Hitman 2”

Sean Bean Is The First Target Of Hitman 2

Having been killed so often on screen it became a meme, actor Sean Bean is now bringing his knack for dying to video games with Bean announced as the first ‘Elusive Target’ to be available after launch for the upcoming IO Interactive title “Hitman 2”.

‘Elusive Targets’ are limited time event missions introduced in the acclaimed 2016 “Hitman” reboot in which players as Agent 47 have to track down and assassinate a particularly challenging target added to one of the game’s maps. Failure to pull off the kill means you can’t try again.

Bean lends his voice and likeness to the character Mark Faba, an ex-MI5 agent turned contract killer nicknamed ‘The Undying’ who is known for repeatedly faking his death on missions in increasingly elaborate ways.

This follows on from the 2016 game which had a public vote between Gary Cole or Gary Busey to become an Elusive Target with Busey winning. “Hitman 2” hits everywhere on November 13th with Bean’s run as an elusive target kicks off November 20th.