Sean Bean, Danny Dyer Are WW2 “Heroes”

Sean Bean and Danny Dyer will re-team on the WW2 action-drama “Age of Heroes” for Matador Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

Vitoria and Ed Scates’ script will follow the true story of the formation of the 30 Assault Unit (aka. 30 Commando) in 1942, a special intelligence gathering unit first proposed by Ian Fleming who would later go on to pen the James Bond novel series.

The 30AU were teams who specialised in various skills from safe cracking to unarmed combat which they used to undertake covert infiltrations into enemy territory to capture intelligence. They served as a precursor to many of the elite forces now operating in the field.

Rosie Fellner also stars in this first of a proposed trilogy. Follow-ups entitled “Age Of Honour” and “Age Of Glory” are already in early planning should ‘Heroes’ go well.

Filming under the helm of Adrian Vitoria kicks off early next month in Norway.