“Sea of Thieves” Launch Has Had Server Issues

Rare and Microsoft’s “Sea of Thieves” game for the Xbox One and PC launched this week and, like the beta test for it, has suffered from some server problems.

Polygon reports the servers for the multiplayer only title are getting hammered and now players are having a tough time connecting with many running into a server error known as the “Cinnamonbeard” error. Others aren’t even able to connect to the main server, which has resulted in the “Greybeard” error popping up.

Another issue is players who complete missions and turn in quests are saying that the servers aren’t rewarding them with gold – thus not allowing them to acquire more resources, upgrade their cosmetics, or upgrade their boat.

Developers are reportedly well aware of the issue and are addressing the concerns and reports about the server problems.

Source: CinemaBlend