Sea Life Fights Back In “The Swarm” TV Series

Sea Life Fights Back In The Swarm Tv Series

Producer Frank Doelger (“Game of Thrones,” “Rome”) is reportedly set to adapt Frank Schaetzing’s environmental sci-fi thriller novel “The Swarm” into an eight-part big-budget English language series for German broadcaster ZDF and Doelger’s own Intaglio Films.

Set in the present day, unnatural behavior in marine animals causes upheaval all over the world from jellyfish attacking human swimmers en masse, to mussels stopping large vessels, and more. Scientists soon learn that at the bottom of the sea resides a collective intelligence which has suffered the ravages of civilization and has decided to fight back.

Production on the series will begin in 2019 and it will be executive produced by Doelger, Schaetzing and Eric Welbers. Uma Thurman and “The Silence of the Lambs” screenwriter Ted Tally had previously been attached to adapt the book into a feature.

Source: Deadline