Scripts: Twilight, Glimmer, Bethlehem, Heaven

The Twilight Zone
Joby Harold (“All You Need Is Kill”) is in negotiations to rewrite the Matt Reeves-directed “The Twilight Zone” for Warner Bros. Pictures and Appian Way.

Unlike the previous 1983 anthology feature, this one has one story with elements from the ‘Zone’ universe woven in. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson Killoran and Michael Ireland will produce. [Source: full details]

DreamWorks has won a bidding war for Carter Blanchard’s found footage spec script “Glimmer”.

The story is described as Amblin-esque and involves teens and time travel. [Source: THR]

Universal has picked up Larry Brenner’s supernatural script “Bethlehem” which Joe Roth is producing and Cedric Nicolas-Troyan directing.

The story follows a vampire who must protect a group of humans he feeds from to survive from other vampires and shepherd the humans to a safe haven in a small town in Pennsylvania. [Source: Deadline]

Temple Of Heaven
Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired Jason Reed’s pitch “Temple Of Heaven” which takes aspects of Chinese mythology and weaves it into an action adventure.

Chad St. John has been hired to flesh out an outline and then write the script. [Source: Deadline]