Scripts: Supermax, Muse, Infinity, Adler

Paramount Pictures and Disruption Entertainment have picked up Marc Haimes’ script pitch “Supermax”.

The story is described as a high-concept, found-footage project. Despite having the same name, this is NOT the Green Arrow in prison project that was in development a few years ago. [Source: THR]

Nearly a decade since his “Murder-Set-Pieces” came out to controversy and some bans, filmmaker Nick Palumbo is returning with the psychological horror thriller “Muse”.

Palumbo wrote and will direct the film which stars newcomer Samantha Mion as an actress descending into homicidal madness in Los Angeles. Patrick Scott Lewis also stars in the film which begins shooting in two weeks. [Source: Deadline]

The Infinity Principle
Summit Entertainment and producer Basil Iwanyk have picked up Arash Amel’s sci-fi script pitch “The Infinity Principle”.

The story follows a physicist who discovers the secret of time travel, in the process tearing apart the fabric of the universe. [Source: THR]

Untitled Duane Adler Project
Universal Pictures has acquired “Step Up” creator Duane Adler’s untitled pitch which State Street will produce. George Tillman Jr. is attached to direct.

The story follows a failed song writer who returns home to Chicago to lead a group of at risk youth in their annual talent show. [Source: Deadline]