Scripts: Hero, Dinosaur, Selfless, Cell, Hole

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Fox Animation and Chernin Entertainment have acquired the film rights to Christopher Healy’s children’s book “The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom”.

The story follows the four princes from the classic fairy tales who saved Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.

Having been exiled from their respective kingdoms, each gets a shot at redemption and glory when they uncover a plot that could destroy the kingdoms. [Source: Heat Vision]

Dinosaur Action Pitch
Warner Bros. Pictures has purchased an untitled sci-fi action pitch about a rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles.

John Clisham, who recently worked on the Titanic 3D conversion, is directing and will write the script with Mike Bayman [Source: Deadline]

Endgame Entertainment and FilmDistrict, who produced the upcoming time travel thriller “Looper”, are re-teaming to acquire “Carriers” scribes Alex and David Pastor’s new script “Selfless”.

The story follows a dying older man who pays to have his mind transplanted into a younger man’s body. When he learns how his new body was acquired though, he goes on the run and is hunted by mercenaries. [Source: THR]

Cell 211
CBS Films has set “Hercules” scribe Ryan Condal to rewrite Daniel Monzon’s action flick “Cell 211” at CBS Films. Paul Haggis and Michael Nozik are producing.

A remake of the gritty Spanish-language “Cielda 211”, the story centers around a rookie prison guard who finds himself in the midst of a violent revolt and must escape before the other inmates discover who he is. [Source: Variety]

Hole in the Fence
Former Beatle Ringo Starr and former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart are teaming for the coming-of-age musical “Hole In The Fence” at Paramount Pictures and Weapons of Mass Entertainment.

The story follows a group of kids who form a band to escape their depressing mining town. Stewart and Starr will executive produce. David Harris is writing the script based on Starr and Stewart’s music and original idea. [Source: Deadline]