Scripts: God, Seeker, Videotapes, Nekome

Golfing with God
George Gatins (“Need for Speed”) has been set to pen the script for the film adaptation of Roland Merullo’s faith-based novel “Golfing for God” at Gemfilms and Hole in One Productions.

The story tracks ex-golfing pro Hank Fins-Winston, who travels back to Earth from Heaven accompanying God, in the form of a 35-year-old woman, to help Her boost her golf game and is called upon to resolve his own unfinished business. [Source: Deadline]

Callie Kloves will pen the film adaptation of the upcoming Arwen Elys Dayton sci-fi/fantasy novel “Seeker” for Sony Pictures. The first of a trilogy, the story follows a young girl put through years of brutal training for what she thinks is a noble position that turns out to be an assassin. [Source: Heat Vision]

3 Videotapes
New Regency, RatPac Entertainment and Plan B have acquired Ian McCulloch’s elevated thriller script pitch “3 Videotapes”. All that’s known about the story is that it contains “aspects of The Ring and Memento”. [Source: Deadline]

GrandElectric Entertainment and Cold Mountain have picked up John Hlavin’s period action pitch ‘Nekome’. Set after WW2, two young Holocaust survivors are sent by the Jewish underground to Brazil to hunt down and kill the escaped Nazis who ran their concentration camp. [Source: Deadline]