Scripts: Devil, Polo, Action, Birds

White Devil
James Gray (“We Own The Night,” “The Yards”) has been hired to pen and direct the contemporary drama “White Devil” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

The story follows a white orphan who is adopted into a Chinese family and who rises to the top of the Chinese Mafia in Boston. [Source: Deadline]

Marco Polo
Sci-fi/fantasy scribe Stephanie Koff has been hired to pen a feature film about Marco Polo for Warner Bros. Pictures. Erwin Stoff is producing.

Koff will take the famed marchant and adventurer’s story “in a new direction”. This isn’t to be confused with TWC’s proposed limited series biopic which Netflix is tipped to score. [Source: Deadline]

Untitled Action Feature
Lionsgate has closed a deal for an untitled action movie pitch by Matt Johnson. Marty Bowen will produce.

The story follows a group of U.S. Marines who start a high-stakes business venture when they return home from Afghanistan. [Source: Deadline]

The Carrion Birds
“The Spectacular Now” producer Andrew Lauren has scored the film rights to Urban Waite’s novel “The Carrion Birds”. Lauren will produce.

Set in a Southwestern border town, the story follows a near -retirement killer ready to reconnect with his estranged teen son. When a final job goes wrong, he’s put in the crosshairs of his morally conflicted cousin and a new female sheriff. [Source: Deadline]