Scripts: Carson, Machiavelli, Poison, Lynn

Johnny Carson
“Black Swan” and “Hitchcock” scribe John McLaughlin will pen a biopic film adaptation of Bill Zehme’s book “Carson The Magnificent” about late night talk show host Johnny Carson.

Zehme was the only journalist Carson spoke to after his retirement in 1992. McLaughlin is re-teaming with “Hitchcock” producer Tom Thayer not the project which will be shopped around to buyers after the holidays. [Source: Business Insider]

Machiavelli, The Prince
39 Films and Satine Film are teaming to produce the $6-13 million biopic “Machiavelli, The Prince” which Federico and Alessandro Di Nuzzo have scripted.

The English-language production follows the Machiavelli’s torture and expulsion from Florence, his exile to the countryside, friendship with the god-daughter of the King of France, and authorship of “The Prince” as a recapitulation on his life. [Source: Variety]

Poison Kitchen
British author Philip Kerr will pen the screenplay for “The Poison Kitchen,” the Robert Schwentke-directed film adaptation of a chapter from Ron Rosenbaum’s book “Explaining Hitler,” at Constantin Film.

Set in 1920s Munich, the story chronicles the rise of the Nazi Party through the eyes of the journalists at The Munich Post who published anti-Nazi articles and tried to expose them as organized criminals. [Source: Chicago Tribune]

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk
Simon Beaufoy (“Slumdog Millionaire”) is set to pen a film adaptation of Ben Fountain’s 2005 novel “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” for Film4 and The Ink Factory.

Set in Dallas, the story follows infantryman Billy Lynn, a 19-year-old Texas native, which recounts the final few hours before he and his brothers-in-arms return to war in Iraq. [Source: THR]