Script News: Wiseguy, The End, Grim Night

NBC has ordered a pilot commitment for a revamp of the classic late 80’s CBS series “Wiseguy”. “Homeland” writer Alex Cary is penning the script.

The original followed undercover agent Vinnie Terranova who, after serving an 18-month prison stint to establish his credentials, infiltrates criminal organizations in an effort to destroy them from within. [Source: Deadline]

The End
Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up Aron Eli Coleite’s science fiction/drama spec script “The End”. The story focuses on three interconnected yet different storylines following a character trying to reconcile the fact that interstellar event will end the world in six hours.

The story follows a veteran broadcaster in London, a 16-year old girl and her boyfriend in Michigan, and a devoted family man in Shanghai. [Source: Deadline]

Grim Night
Universal Pictures has picked up Brandon Bestenheider and Allen Bey’s thriller script “Grim Night”. The story is set on a night that happens once a year globally where people lock themselves at home and fend off the senseless and random attacks by Grims.

The duo made a teaser trailer for the spec that was leaked before the auction began. That clip is online below. [Source: Heat Vision]