Script News: Prince, Revoc, Warden

The False Prince
“Game of Thrones” writer and story editor Bryan Cogman has been hired to adapt Jennifer Nielsen’s young adult novel “The False Prince” for Paramount Pictures.

The first in a trilogy, the story follows a nobleman who devises a plan to find someone to impersonate the recently slain king’s long-lost son and act as a puppet. An orphan finds himself chosen with three other boys in the running. [Source: THR]

Summit Entertainment has picked up “City State” director Olaf de Fleur’s post-alien invasion thriller script pitch “Revoc”.

Plot details are being kept under wraps. David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are attached to produce. [Source: THR]

New Line and Mosaic have picked up John and Thomas Sonntag’s action spec “Warden”. Jimmy Miller and Lawrence Inglee are producing.

The story centers on a prison warden who — when his wife and son are kidnapped — is blackmailed into helping the American head of a Mexican drug cartel escape from his own high-security facility. [Source: Variety]