Script News: Popeye, Spectral, Automatic

“The Smurfs” writers Jay Scherick and David Ronn have been set to write the screenplay for a 3D animated feature adaptation of the classic cartoon character “Popeye” for Sony Pictures Animation and Arad Productions. [Source: Heat Vision]

Ian Fried has sold his supernatural action spec script “Spectral”, described as a dark and serious Ghostbusters-like story, to Legendary Pictures.

The premise follows a special ops group formed to bring down evil ghosts that have taken over Manhattan. The approach is said to be modern-day, militaristic and gritty. [Source: Heat Vision]

Fully Automatic
Michael Starrbury has been hired to rewrite the action thriller “Fully Automatic” into a classic buddy action movie at Warner Bros. Pictures and Silver Pictures.

The project, set up as a spec by Randy Feldman in 2002, centers on two smart-mouthed rookie cops who team up with a female Delta Force operative to stop a mercenary who’s stolen a cache of weapons. [Source: Heat Vision]