Script News: Juliet, Revelation, Cops

Eyal Podell and Jonathon Stewart have been hired to pen an adaptation of Anne Fortier’s novel “Juliet” for Montecito and Paramount Pictures. James Mangold was previously slated to direct.

The story follows a young woman who learns that the legend of Romeo & Juliet is actually real, and she is Juliet’s direct descendant. Cathy Konrad will produce.

Lotus Entertainment has scored the film rights to Hernany Perla’s high concept thriller spec script “Revelation”.

Plot details are being kept under wraps. David Alpert, Stephen Emery and Anil Kurian will produce.

Cops and Robots
BCDF Pictures has acquired Matteson Perry’s action comedy spec script “Cops and Robots”.

The story follows an odd couple police duo – one a veteran cop, the other the world’s first android officer – who must learn to work together to avoid being replaced by newer models.

Source: Deadline