Script News: Ivan, Pursuit, Padre, Transference

The One and Only Ivan
Disney Pictures is in negotiations to acquire the screen rights to Katherine Applegate’s 2011 novel “The One and Only Ivan”. A writer is currently being sought to adapt the script into a live-action feature.

The story centers on the silverback gorilla Ivan, an elderly elephant named Stella and a stray dog dubbed Bob, who all live in a cage at a shopping center. The ape concocts a plan to escape back to the wild to protect this infant animal from their abusive owner. [Source: THR]

“Jack Ryan” film series producer Mace Neufeld has begun development of the $45 million-budget World War II thriller “Pursuit” for New Films International. No director is currently attached.

Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement penned the script set in 1944 as the Nazi regime begins to realize they’ve lost. They launch a desperate plan to assassinate President Franklin Delano Roosevelt at a POW camp in Washington state. [Source: Variety]

Screen Gems has picked up Mike Maples’ thriller spec script “Padre” which Gregg Champion and Mark Lawyer are on board to produce the film which is said to have the tone of “A History of Violence”.

The story follows a priest with a dark past on a quest for revenge against a group of thugs that left him for dead. He soon discovers the men are part of the sheriff’s department in the small town where he seeks refuge. [Source: Heat Vision]

Dimension Films has made a preemptive deal to acquire Brandon and Phillip Murphy’s horror pitch “Transference”.

The story follows residents of a small Bible belt town who grapple with the onset of a global outbreak of demonic possession that spreads like virus. [Source: Deadline]