Script News: Edge, Fixer, Outcasts, Now

The Edge of Normal
Bold Films has picked up Matt Venne’s film script adaptation of Carla Norton’s 2013 novel “The Edge of Normal”. Michel Litvak, Matthew Rhodes, Andrew Deane and Lisa Zambri will produce.

The story follows a woman who escaped captivity from a sadistic sexual predator when she was a teenager. Ten years later, she remains haunted by her memories as she struggles to pull her life together and is drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a clever psychopath who seems to know her every move. [Source: Variety]

The Fixer
Fubar Films has optioned “House Of Cards” writer Bill Kennedy’s thriller script “The Fixer” at Rumble Entertainment. Filming aims to begin later this year.

Set in the gritty intersection of the Los Angeles nightlife and organized crime, the plot follows a mob fixer who retires to repair his broken personal life but is soon drawn into the criminal underworld and finds a willing protege in a young drug dealer. [Source: Deadline]

Producer Stratton Leopold and scribe Dax Phelan are teaming for a film adaptation of Neil White’s prison memoir “In the Sanctuary of Outcasts”. White was a successful publisher arrested for bank fraud and who served a sentence in a minimum security prison who also served as a home to quarantined patients of leprosy. His book details the convergence of inmates from different cultures, prison guards, leprosy patients, public health workers and nuns. [Source: Variety]

Apocalypse Now Now
Terri Tatchell (“District 9”) has been hired to adapt Charlie Human’s urban fantasy novel “Apocalypse Now Now”. The Canadian-South African productionis being produced by Nicholas Sorbara, Sean Drummond and Michael Matthews.

The story follows the kingpin of a smut-peddling high school who is dating the girl of his dreams. After she’s kidnapped, he and a supernatural bounty hunter are plunged into the increasingly bizarre landscape of Cape Town’s underworld. [Source: Variety]