Script Deals: Grey, Fairy, Popular, Prism, Day

Fifty Shades of Grey
Mark Bomback (“The Wolverine”) is set to do a quick script polish of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film at Universal and Focus.

With the film delaying production by a month to early December, the studio reportedly saw an opportunity for Bomback to do one last script pass. [Source: The Wrap]

Fairy Tale Wedding
Marc Klein (“Mirror Mirror,” “Serendipity”) has been set to pen the romantic drama “Fairy Tale Wedding” for Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films.

The story follows a wedding planner in a fairy tale land who cannot find love. David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman will produce. [Source: Deadline]

Popular: Vintage Wisdom
DreamWorks has picked up the screen rights to 15-year-old Maya Van Wagenen’s upcoming nonfiction book “Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek”. Harris (“Sex and the City,” “The Carrie Diaries”) will pen.

The book is an eighth-grade journal done by Wagenen who decided to live her school year based on the advice given inside the 1951 self-help book “Betty Cornell’s Glamour Guide For Teens.” [Source: Deadline]

Paramount’s Insurge Pictures has picked up rising writer Ian Fried’s script “Prism” which John Davis (“Chronicle”) will produce.

The story is said to be in the vein of a low-budget sci-fi film, but plot specifics are being kept under wraps.[Source: Heat Vision]

Day One
Dean Loftis will write the script for a film adaptation of Nate Kenyon’s sci-fi novel “Day One”.

Set in the near future, the story details the chaotic first 24 hours of a sentient computer takeover. During this time, a journalist attempts to escape New York to rescue his pregnant wife and young son. [Source: Deadline]

Christian the Lion
J. Mills Goodloe has been brought on board to pen the script for the “Christian the Lion” project at Sony Pictures. The story deals with two men who raised a lion cub in their antique shop in London in the 1960s.

They contacted a conservationist and went about the process of rehabilitating the lion into the wild in Kenya. Months later, they went back to see the now adult lion one more time. Video of that reunion became a viral sensation. [Source: THR]

Untitled Diplo Feature
Writer and blogger Sascha Rothchild (“Amne$ia,” “Tough Love”) is in negotiations to rewrite the David Katzenberg-directed, untitled electronic music-themed Diplo comedy at Fox.

The story follows three teens attempting to get into Diplo’s Electronic Music Festival and will feature the DJ’s music. Trevor Engelson is producing. [Source: Deadline]