Script Deals For “Big Rig”& “Only Plane”

Paramount Pictures has picked up Bragi Schut’s thriller pitch “Big Rig” with Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller to produce through their Platinum Dunes label.

The story follows a good trucker who runs afoul of the evil man who is responsible for many deaths along a stretch of highway.

The film takes loose inspiration from Canada’s infamous Highway of Tears where numerous women have either been murdered or gone missing over four decades. It’s also partly inspired by Steven Spielberg’s “Duel”.

Speaking of Spielberg, the writer of his new film “The Post,” Liz Hannah, has signed on to another project titled “Only Plane in the Sky” at MGM.

The story will deal with the time immediately following the 9/11 attacks where President George W. Bush and his team were whisked off from a Florida schoolroom and into Air Force One and into the sky.

Sources: Heat Vision, Deadline