Scribes Still Keen On “Rounders” Sequel

During an interview with MTV News, scribes Brian Koppelman and David Levien revealed they’re still keen on doing a sequel to the film that established their careers – 1998 cult gambling drama “Rounders”.

Levien says “‘Rounders 2’ is something that we talk about because whenever we see Matt Damon, whenever we see Edward Norton, who we’re friends with, we talk about doing it. We’ve kept in touch with [‘Rounders’ director] John Dahl.”

So how would the story be handled? “We have this idea that we really want to pick these characters up down the road. So it is something we plan to do, we just don’t have it on the calendar yet” says Levien.

Ed Norton was recently asked about the prospect and he said as long as the pair return to write it, “I’m there. For sure.”