Scribes: Piper, Architect, Etiquette, Talent

The Pied Piper
“Chronicle” screenwriter Max Landis has signed on to write the fantasy thriller “Pied Piper” for 20th Century Fox. The story is a reimagining of the Pied Piper fairytale about a musician whose music lured children away from their small German town. [Source: Total Film]

The Architect
Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up “The Architect”, a period thriller pitch from “Lucky Number Slevin” scribe and “Karen Sisco” creator/producer Jason Smilovic. [Source: Deadline]

Emily Post Project
Tom Gormican has been hired to write the script for a Warner Brothers film based on the writings of Emily Post, an author famous for writing on etiquette. Described as a reverse-gender “My Fair Lady”, the story centers on a prissy manners coach who attempts to turn a guy’s guy into a refined gentleman. [Source: THR]

TV scribe Zack Whedon is set to adapt the graphic novel “Talent” for Universal Pictures. Story follows a plane crash survivor who has inherited the abilities of the passengers who have died. When he begins to use them, a secret group sets out to hunt him down. [Source: Variety]