Scribes: Iron First, Karate Kid 2, Psychopomp

Iron Fist
Marvel Studios has hired “xXx” writer Rich Wilkes to pen the comic book adaptation “Iron Fist” according to Deadline New York.

The comics followed a martial arts expert who gains a mystical power that turns his fists into indestructible weapons.

Karate Kid 2
“Kung Fu Panda” story creators Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff have been selected to pen a sequel to this year’s hit remake of “The Karate Kid” for Sony Pictures reports Heat Vision.

The Jaden Smith-led remake cost an economical $40 million, but has managed to gross nearly $300 million worldwide. Not surprisingly a sequel was quickly put in the works.

Producers Hilary Shor (“Children of Men”) and Lawrence Longo have optioned Blake Leibel’s script “Psychopomp” reports Heat Vision.

The story follows a foul-mouthed anti-hero who roams international hot spots with state-of-the art technology he uses against those who violate his code.

A graphic novel version of the property will be released before the film.