Scribes Come Onboard “Arclight,” “Ben 10”

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment are teaming for a film adaptation of Josin L. McQuein’s upcoming young adult sci-fi novel “Arclight”.

Matthew Sand (“Ninja Assassin”) has come onboard to adapt the script for the post-apocalyptic future set tale in which humanity’s remnants live in an outpost protected by a wall of light named Arclight.

Outside is The Dark, a void filled with lethal creatures known as the Fade. A lone and amnesiac teenage girl stumbles out of the darkness, and could hold the key to humanity’s survival.

Meanwhile, Ryan Engle has come aboard to rewrite Albert Torres’ screenplay for the film adaptation of the Cartoon Network property “Ben 10”.

The series follows a boy who discovers a strange wrist watch that allows him to transforms into 10 different aliens with super powers.

Sources: Heat Vision