Scribe Talks Rebooting “The Naked Gun”

Screenwriter Robert Ben Garant appeared at the Television Critics Association panel this week where he spoke about one of the various projects he has been slated to work on the script for – the reboot of “The Naked Gun” franchise which Ed Helms will star in.

Garant and Tom Lennon are co-writing the script and Garant tells Crave Online that they intend to keep the Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker style of the Leslie Nielsen films:

“We are trying to reinvent the world because that world was very ‘Dragnet,’ but we’re trying to fit in 100 jokes a page. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re very much embracing the style.”

In a surprising reveal, Garant hints that though it’s a reboot, it’s not necessarily a remake and may keep continuity elements from the previous films. Garant says:

“Our take is that Ed Helms is Frank Drebin, no relation. That’s how he introduces himself. We’re making it pretty clear that he’s not Leslie Nielsen. Those are just too big of shoes to fill but we’re going to try to do as good as those. Those movies are so funny. They’re so solid.”