Scribe Talks “Kraven the Hunter” Film Plans

Scribe Talks Kraven The Hunter Film Plans

Recently came the announcement that “The Equalizer” scribe Richard Wenk was working on a film about “Spider-Man” villain Kraven the Hunter.

The long-time villain’s real name is Sergei Kravinoff, a Russian aristocrat who became obsessed with big game hunting and eventually develops superpowers after taking a voodoo elixir.

He’s most famous for the storyline “Kraven’s Last Hunt” which sees him successfully incapacitating and burying Spider-Man alive, then he takes on his suit and starts hunting down criminals. Ultimately having shown himself to be the greatest ‘hunter’ and with nothing left to prove or new challenges ahead, he commits suicide – a very rare event in comic book fandom.

Talking with Discussing Film this week, Wenk says he hopes the film will feature a direct encounter with Spider-Man that will be influenced by the ‘Last Hunt’ storyline:

“I’m just starting it. It’s an interesting world. A great character. It’s going to adhere very closely to the lore of Kraven the Hunter. And he is going to come face to face with Spider-Man. I’m just beginning it, beginning the process, and because it’s a big IP, Marvel world, there’s lots of hurdles to overcome before you can start writing, to crack the right story and to get the right tone. It’s a new world for me. But what’s nice about it is it’s a very grounded character, he doesn’t have a lot of crazy superpowers and things like that so he’s more grounded and that fits what I like to do. That’s as much as I know.”

How it might do this is unclear considering Venom couldn’t include a single Spider-Man reference let alone a cameo so any adaptation of the comic storyline will be vastly different to what ends up on screen. The film does not yet have a director or release date.