Scream TV Series To Take Its Time

While the “Scream” films, at 90 minutes each, were able to follow and make fun of the slasher film mold, MTV’s upcoming TV series adaptation has to take a different route.

Speaking with Buzzfeed, executive producer Jaime Paglia says that on change they have had to make is that the body count has to be spaced out and time devoted to these characters which will allow us to care about the before they get taken out:

“What we try to do in every moment is separate out the fact that this is a town where people are being stalked and look at them individually as characters, figure out what their secrets and lies are, and what their relationship dynamics are going to be. So if you were to watch this as a regular teen soap, you would be engaged with them and care about them and the stakes would be there. We do end up having Friday Night Lights with life-and-death stakes.”

It also means the show will be more methodical with the kills, it will allow the audience to explore the motives of the killer more, and we’ll see the impact that these serial murders are having on the town in question. Executive producer Jill E. Blotevogel adds:

“It’s also creating more of a mystery around the murders than ever existed in the Scream movies. It’s kind of like the way Twin Peaks used the death of Laura Palmer to set off this chain reaction of looking deep into the underbelly of that small town. We’re kind of using that format more than the Scream movies ever did. They always went fast and furious with a body count, whereas ours is going to take its time a little more and dig into the mystery a little more.”

Producers have also confirmed that numerous easter eggs referencing the films will be incorporated for fans to keep an eye out. The article itself also says the series will not go soft on the gore either with “a severed head, a slit throat, a heart in a box, and a hanging” all featured in just the pilot alone.

The series is slated to premiere on June 30th.