Scream 5 Is Not Happening?

So much for a second trilogy. The hope of “Scream 4” was that it would launch a new series of films. Decidedly mixed reviews and underwhelming box-office however may have nixed those plans.

Moviehole spoke with a contact at Dimension Films who says “The ‘Scream’ franchise will likely end here, at least for the moment” and plans for a so-called trilogy “stops here”. However, they did add that the film series may have future as a direct-to-DVD franchise ala “American Pie”.

With a production budget at $40 million, “Scream 4” opened with $18.7 million, almost half that of its two immediate predecessors. Its second weekend wasn’t much help either, the film plummeting by 62.4% despite little to no competition.

With the global haul added it is currently sitting at $48 million. The film isn’t likely to score near the $160-170 million global haul each by “Scream 2” and “Scream 3”.

Update: A source has responded saying “Guys, you may be correct – but at this stage we haven’t decided anything about “Scream 5″ (if you want to update your article to reflect that). Appreciate the kind words on the film.”