Scream 4 Hits Troubles As New Cast Joins

With “Scream 4” having just begun production, there’s already talk of on-set problems making an impact as purported script and casting changes seem to be taking place daily.

Zap2It broke the initial report that Ehren Kruger (“Scream 3”) had been brought onboard for some rewrites of Kevin Williamson’s script and claims that Williamson himself is ‘out of the picture’ which calls into question the fate of further sequels.

The site also reports that changes to the script reduced Lauren Graham’s role so much the actress opted out, while Hayden Panettiere’s role has been ‘dumbed down’ to the point that the actress is “beyond frustrated”.

STYD followed up on the report with a source who confirmed that Kruger is doing some polishing but Williamson isn’t out as he’s fulfilling his commitments on the second season of “The Vampire Diaries”. Graham’s departure is being put down to scheduling conflicts with her work on TV’s “Parenthood”.

Meanwhile Heat Vision reports that Alison Brie (“Community”) and Mary McDonnell (“Battlestar Galactica”) have joined the cast. Brie is playing Rebecca, Sidney’s ambitious personal assistant who secretly envies her boss’ reluctant fame and fortune.