Scott Talks Longer Cut Of “The Martian”

Riding a wave of strong reviews, Ridley Scott’s 3D sci-fi blockbuster “The Martian” opens on Friday and is headed towards a $45 million domestic opening weekend according to latest figures.

Speaking with Collider this week, the filmmaker revealed that the first cut of his film ran 165 minutes – around 24 minutes longer than the theatrical version. Asked which version is the true final cut, he says:

“It usually melts down to what essentially is the best cut is the final cut, and it’s usually one that I’ve approved. If I lose out ever to a studio in terms of what they want and what I want, which is never really, then I’d certainly have a longer version on the Blu-ray.”

He tells the site the longer cut was complete enough, if over long, and could easily be an alternative Blu-ray version. Amongst the scenes cut were some of the more domestic elements such as how Damon’s character used the toilet, especially in the long ‘on the road’ rover sequences, and how the lack of bathing and proper diet affected his health and appearance.

However it sounds like the studio people balked at the grotesqueness of what was shown which is why it didn’t make the final cut. “The Martian” opens in cinemas on Friday.