Scott Rudin To Produce “Buried Giant”

Producer Scott Rudin has reportedly picked up the option for a film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s long-awaited novel “The Buried Giant” which was just published.

The book marks the “Never Let Me Go” and “Remains Of The Day” author’s first published work in a decade and is set in a mythologised fifth-century Britain where trolls, ogres, dragons and giants reside.

The story follows an elderly couple who decide to undertake a journey to find the son they have not seen for several years. One problem though, a mysterious mist is enveloping the land, causing amnesia in all its inhabitants.

The author calls it a “neutral environment to explore the idea of collective memory and how societies heal after atrocities by forgetting the past.” No word on who will adapt the script, though Ishiguro has familiarity with screenplays as he penned the original script for 2005’s “The White Countess”.

Source: The Guardian