Scott On New “Alien” Character Additions

Ridley Scott continues to talk up his “Prometheus” sequel in press circles this week, with today’s latest update revealing some more details about the project now dubbed “Alien: Paradise Lost”.

Talking to Awards Campaign, Scott says that both Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender’s android David will be joined by other crew members in their quest to track down the mysterious Engineers:

“It’s going to be it’s own separate thing because they are going to the planet of the Engineers and they are going to see what happened there. It was a disaster. And they will be in that alien craft that takes them there, but with a new group that’s incoming, a new group of travelers in the beginning of the first act.”

“Alien: Paradise Lost” is slated to begin shooting in February. In a separate interview with The Daily Beast, he says Neil Blomkamp’s “Aliens” sequel will be out in 2017 and “we just have the first [screenplay] draft in so far but it looks pretty good.”