Scott On “Alien: Paradise Lost,” “Alien 5” Filming

With Ridley Scott committed to the “Prometheus” sequel “Alien: Paradise Lost” and with plans for potentially two more films that would link back up with the “Alien” franchise, it raises an obvious question.

That being how in the hell does Neil Blomkamp’s direct “Aliens” sequel fit into all this and how will Scott’s plans affect it? We know Scott is producing the Blomkamp film which will come sometime after ‘Paradise Lost’, and speaking with Empire this week he suggests the film will take the almost three decades since “Aliens” release into consideration:

“I’m producing [Blomkamp’s movie]. It’s designed to go next after [‘Alien: Paradise Lost’]. [“His version] is more associated with Ripley. It’s coming from a completely different angle. It’s kind of more of a sequel… after, after after. I’m coming at it from the back end.”

Scott says he’s keen to make two films a year going forward, likely one major and one quick smaller film in the process – much like he did in 2012 with “Prometheus” and “The Counselor”. He also re-affirms plans for his “Prometheus” sequels effectively forming a trilogy with a direct link to “Alien”:

“If there’s one next, I think there will be one [or] two more before I explain why that ship landed [on the planet featured in ‘Alien’] and how Sigourney Weaver[‘s character] arrived.”

As we know, filming on “Alien: Paradise Lost” is slated to begin in January/February. The big question though has been a case of where it will shoot – the most likely candidate being Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. Speaking with a few days ago, Scott confirmed preparation for the film is underway now and a location has to be decided on in the next few weeks.

“I’m trying to get into the big Sydney studio there for Prometheus 2. We’re literally starting prep now and we’ve got to land somewhere very shortly because my team have to get themselves over there and get all their team together. The pyramid of personnel on a film like this could be anywhere from 400 to 600 people, so you’ve got to get going – you’ve got to move.”

Scott’s “The Martian” is in cinemas now.