Scott Free Set Sail For “Pyrate” Booty

While the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie wasn’t exactly a hit with critics, the villainous swashbucklers who sail the seven seas have become the hot new idea for television.

Recently came word that producers Graham King and Gale Anne Hurd were teaming for “Port Royal”, a 17th Century pirate drama set in the “richest and wickedest city” in the new world. Cable channel FX made the official announcement about the project earlier today.

Now Ridley and Tony Scott’s Scott Free Productions, along with Ensemble Entertainment, are reportedly developing “Pyrates” – a 10-13-episode event-type limited series for debut next summer reports Deadline.

Based on historical events, the story is described as a gritty portrayal of the largest heist on pirate history – the capture of the Spanish silver fleet in 1628. The theft sparked the golden age of piracy.

“Law & Order” and “Numbers” directing veteran Barry Schindel created the series while frequent “24” director Stephen Hopkins is already onboard to direct the first episode.

International co-producers are currently being sought while locations are being scouted in The Caribbean and Australia.