Scott Frank’s “Godless” Comes To Netflix

Scott Frank, the writer behind such films as “Minority Report” and “Get Shorty,” has revealed on the The Moment podcast (via The Playlist) that his long in the works western project “Godless” is getting a retooling.

Frank has been trying to get the 1888-set tale made as a film for years with the likes of Steven Soderbergh, Sam Mendes and David Fincher all sought at one point or another to take the helm. As it hasn’t happened, he’s now reconceived the idea into something else – Netflix’s first mini-series:

“I had the idea in 2000. And then I started researching it and I wrote it in 2002-3. What I’m doing now is expanding it into six hours. It was a three hour script. And it will be Netflix’s first official, in-house, miniseries. I’m directing all six, and the goal is to start shooting sometime in July.”

Frank previously said the plot follows a wounded outlaw who ends up in a New Mexico mining town that’s entirely run by women. He ends up on its outskirts with an exiled woman who nurses him back to health. At the same time his old gang members are coming for him and the town is in their way.

Filming aims to begin this Summer with casting likely to be announced soon.