Scott Films “Martian” Before “Prometheus 2”

Ridley Scott is one of those directors who often has several films in development at once, so the decision about which film he intends to do next is often not made until the project is ready to go and can begin filming quickly.

One project Scott recently became linked to is “The Martian”. At the time Scott was reportedly in talks to direct the film which would star Matt Damon. Originally Drew Goddard (“Cabin in the Woods”) was attached to direct, but he has since departed due to his involvement in “The Sinister Six” film.

Based on Andy Weir’s 2012 self-published novel, the story centers on an astronaut who becomes stranded on a Martian colony by himself. Now, producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed on Jeff Goldsmith’s Q&A podcast that ‘Martian’ will be Scott’s next film and is scheduled to begin shooting this Fall:

“There’s a script that Drew Goddard wrote, who wrote Cloverfield and who wrote and directed The Cabin in the Woods, a great, great writer. There’s a book I brought to him called The Martian, that is a very realistic science-fiction book, which he wrote an incredible script of, that he was going to direct. Then his Spider-Man movie got pulled up, so he left it, but Ridley Scott is going to direct it and we’re going start it this fall.”

It has been thought that Ridley Scott would actually get to work on a “Prometheus” sequel next considering that film already has a March 2016 release date and Scott recently visited Australia to sort out a multi-picture agreement to shoot sequels to both “Prometheus” and “Blade Runner”.

“Prometheus 2” wasn’t expected to go into production until next year, Scott’s jumping onto ‘Martian’ indicates the “Prometheus” follow-up may begin filming later in 2015 than expected. Scott is currently in post-production on his Biblical epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings”.

Source: The Playlist