Scott Directing “Blade Runner” Sequel

Ridley Scott’s revisiting of the “Alien” universe in his upcoming epic “Prometheus” has obviously inspired the helmer who intends to give a similar treatment to his other seminal sci-fi classic – 1982’s “Blade Runner”.

Deadline reports that Scott is committing to both direct and produce a “new installment of Blade Runner” for Alcon Entertainment.

At this point it’s unclear how this will relate – will it be a sequel, a prequel or something more akin to a tangential project ala “Prometheus” – set on the same futuristic Earth filled with Replicants and Blade Runners but revolving around entirely different characters.

Warner Bros-based financing and production company Alcon secured the franchise rights to the property back in March in a deal which very specifically stated they could essentially do what they wanted with the exception of one thing – they could NOT remake the original. Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove will produce.

Things are still in early stages with no script yet locked which means it could go in all sorts of directions for the moment. “Prometheus” famously began as a prequel before morphing into a kind of ‘cousin’ to the original “Alien”.