Scott: “Blade Runner 2049” Was Too Long

Filmmaker Ridley Scott has reached the age of 80 and a point in his life where he doesn’t care about offending or holding his tongue, which makes for a great interview. He’s also a ruthlessly efficient and quick on his feet filmmaker who can get stuff done in half the time it would take many others.

As part of a new one-on-one with Vulture for “All The Money In The World,” Scott goes in-depth about the film and its reshoot challenges, his take on other filmmakers, and most interestingly some candid comments about “Blade Runner 2049” which he developed and produced. Asked about the reception to the film he said:

“[Whispers] I have to be careful what I say. I have to be careful what I say. It was f–king way too long. F–k me! And most of that script’s mine… I sit with writers for an inordinate amount of time and I will not take credit, because it means I’ve got to sit there with a tape recorder while we talk. I can’t do that to a good writer. But I have to, because to prove I’m part of the actual process, I have to then have an endless amount [of proof], and I can’t be bothered.”

He also takes credit for some of the film’s key elements such as the bones by the tree belong to a Replicant mother and K’s digital girlfriend:

“The mother has to inexplicably die four months after she breastfeeds. The bones are found in the box at the foot of the tree — that’s all me. And the digital girlfriend is me… I shouldn’t talk. I’m being a bitch.”

Scott also says he won’t be asked to do a “Star Wars” film because he’s too dangerous:

“Because I know what I’m doing. [Laughs.] I think they like to be in control, and I like to be in control myself. When you get a guy who’s done a low-budget movie and you suddenly give him $180 million, it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s f–kin’ stupid. You know what the reshoots cost? Millions.”

In a separate interview with Al Arabiya, Scott re-iterated his problems with the runtime of “Blade Runner 2049” saying: “It’s slow. It’s slow. Long. Too long. I would have taken out half an hour”.

Ddirector Denis Villeneuve and the film’s producers are standing by the runtime though with Villeneuve telling Screen last week:

“There was a first version that was more substantial but after it came down to that length it was obvious what needed to be done. Then we were just removing little bits, trying to refine the cut, but it always stayed that length. The producers were afraid I would cut too much and they told me not to focus on the running time. They didn’t want me to feel any pressure and wanted me to make the movie I needed to make. They didn’t compromise that. Alcon are the real deal. They are movie-lovers.”

“Blade Runner 2049” will becoming to Blu-ray, DVD and rental VOD on January 16th. “All the Money in the World” is now in cinemas.