Scorsese’s “Sinatra” Biopic Is No More?

Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” finally hits the big screen in a month after spending many years in development – the story of Jesuit priests in Japan has been a passion project for the master filmmaker and he’s now finally been able to do it.

Scorsese has had several passion projects he always intends to get around to, and his next film is another one of those long gestating titles – “The Irishman”. However it looks like there’s one which sadly won’t be happening – the biopic “Sinatra”.

Speaking with Vulture, author and screenwriter Michael Chabon revealed that he had worked on the musical biopic, but sadly it fell apart: “I was working on a Frank Sinatra project for a while, and I read Tina Sinatra’s memoir of her father [‘My Father’s Daughter’]. She called him ‘Daddy.’ It would’ve been so cool. Scorsese was going to direct it, and I wrote the script.”

Chabon wouldn’t say why the project fell to the wayside, only indicating it was “the usual” which could mean various things. At last report Scorsese wanted Al Pacino to play Sinatra in his older years, and have Robert De Niro as Dean Martin. Scott Rudin was slated to produce.

Chabon meanwhile has turned his sights to another project, a true crime limited series for Netflix:

“We have an eight-episode limited series that we are trying to set up at Netflix, and we finished a pilot. It’s in their lap right now, so we’re waiting to hear what its fate is going to be. This is a true-crime, nonfiction piece, which you might have read on ProPublica or heard on ‘This American Life,’ about the woman who was raped in Seattle and then was disbelieved and forced to recant publicly, and then was eventually redeemed when detectives elsewhere popped the guy and figured out he had actually raped her as well. So we’re adapting that.”

No word on when that might go to air.