Scorsese’s “Silence” Is Dropping Weight

As we approach the end of the year, some film runtimes are drawing attention. Scott Derrickson’s “Doctor Strange” is clocking in at 114 minutes, one of Marvel’s shortest films to date. Justin Kurzel’s “Assassin’s Creed” meanwhile is set to go a little long with a 140 minute runtime.

Then there’s Martin Scorsese whose films are usually quite large feasts. Back in August came word that his long in the works adaptation of Shusaku Endo’s novel “Silence” was clocking in at well over three hours in its rough cut form – 195 minutes to be precise.

The 17th century-set story follows a pair of Jesuit priests who face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and spread the gospel of Christianity. With Paramount having finally locked down a December 23rd limited ahead of a January wide release, it seems the film’s final form is coming into shape.

Producer Irwin Winkler, who claims the film is “Marty’s best movie,” now clocks in at 159 minutes. That’s down from a 170 minute cut that the film’s star Andrew Garfield saw a few weeks back. Whether there’ll be further cutting remains to be seen.

Scorsese’s longest film to date was the original cut of “Gangs of New York” at 216 minutes which got whittled down to 167 minutes for the theatrical run. Of theatrical releases though, the longest to date are “The Wolf of Wall Street” at 180 minutes and “Casino” at 178 minutes.

Source: Deadline