Scorsese’s “Devil in the White City” Still In Works

“Silence” is about to hit cinemas and “The Irishman” has scheduled a tentative February start date, but filmmaker Martin Scorsese is continuing his vow to get into production on all the film projects he’s been mulling over for several years now.

One such film is an adaptation of Erik Larson’s “The Devil In The White City” with word coming last year that Scorsese would re-team with Leonardo DiCaprio on the project which has been floating around Hollywood since at least 2003.

Set against the backdrop of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, it tells the intertwining stories of fair architect Daniel H. Burnham and serial killer H.H. Holmes, a charming sociopath who used a hotel he built near the fairgrounds to lure victims.

Complete with gas chamber and crematorium, Holmes would murder his victims and strip their skeletons to sell for medical and scientific study. Holmes killed at least twenty-seven people, mostly young women, though some say the number was closer to nearly two hundred.

DiCaprio is attached to both produce and play Holmes in the film which has had both Graham Moore and Billy Ray work on the script. This week Scorsese told The Toronto Sun that there’s still work to be done:

“One of the things that I had to stop for the past six month was my meetings on that script. They want me to start again in January and see if we can find a way because it’s an extraordinary story.”

Scorsese’s “Silence” opens in cinemas on December 23rd.