Scorsese, Zaillian Option Ebert’s Memoir

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese, acclaimed scribe Steven Zaillian and “Hoop Dreams” director Steve James are all set to team for a documentary based on film critic Roger Ebert’s 2011 memoir “Life Itself” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story chronicles the reviewer’s struggle and recovery from alcoholism; his battle with thyroid cancer that left him unable to eat, drink or speak; his marriage; his politics; and his spiritual beliefs.

Ebert tells Criticwire that “They say they have a good idea for an approach… I never thought of my book as a doc. I’m keeping hands off any involvement, such as with the screenplay, because I don’t want to be a third wheel. Whatever they do I will be fascinated.”

Garrett Basch will produce while Scorsese and Zaillian will executive produce. Shooting aims to begin as soon as possible.