Scorsese, von Trier Team On “Obstructions”

Danish director Lars von Trier and Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese are set to team for a remake/follow-up of the former’s 2003 cinematic deconstruction documentary “The Five Obstructions” says The Hollywood Reporter.

In the original, von Trier challenged fellow Danish director Jorgen Leth to remake his 1967 short film “The Perfect Human” five times, each time giving him a completely different set of strict rules he had to follow – one version was animated, one version had edits every half a second, and one was shot entirely in Bombay’s red light district.

The new version will see remakes of either one of Scorsese’s earlier shorts or iconic scenes from Scorcese’s feature length films. Best guess is one of those will involve Scorsese’s iconic “Taxi Driver” to some extent as last year von Trier dismissed reports he was trying to remake the 70’s De Niro-led classic.

Shooting is expected to start next year once Scorsese wraps production on the Daniel Day-Lewis starrer “Silence” about two Jesuit priests who travel to 17th Century Japan.