Scorsese Not A Fan Of Viewing Films At Home

Martin Scorsese’s recent epic “Silence” was incredibly cinematic, not surprising considering the filmmaker is one of celluloid’s biggest champions. Unfortunately no-one really went out to the cinema to see it despite excellent reviews.

Certainly the movie industry is changing fast with numerous day-and-date releases now, shrinking windows, countless streaming options, and premium VOD in the works. The idea of going to a cinema is getting to the point of seeming almost quaint.

Speaking at BFI Southbank with Screen this week, Scorsese discussed his problem with watching movies at home and how going to a cinema is always his preferred method to experience film:

“The problem now is that it is everything around the frame that is distracting. Now you can see a film on an iPad. You might be able to push it closer to your [face] in your bedroom, just lock the door and look at it if you can but I do find just glimpsing stuff here or there, even watching a film at home on a big-screen TV, there is still stuff around the room. There’s a phone that rings. People go by. It is not the best way.”

The comments are interesting, coming as his next film “The Irishman” is making the potential move to Netflix – the company that has pretty much spearheaded the move to our on-demand on any screen present and future.