Scorsese Has More To Say On Cinema Today

Scorsese Has More To Say On Cinema Today

It ain’t just Marvel movies in his sights today.

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese drew headlines a few weeks back saying he wasn’t a fan of Marvel movies, dubbing them ‘not cinema’ and more akin to theme park rides than films.

Those comments subsequently started a wave of internet discussion with actors, filmmakers, film writers, critics and pundits from all over weighing in ranging from James Gunn to Kevin Smith to more recently Francis Ford Coppola whose own similar comments over the weekend have drawn their own responses.

In the wake of those comments by Coppola, Scorsese has doubled down on his original comments during a press conference at the Rome Film Fest where he was promoting “The Irishman”.

THR reports that Scorsese is calling on theaters to support more than superhero movie, saying “the key that I’m hoping for is for theaters to continue to support narrative cinema of this kind” before namechecking the likes of Noah Baumbach, Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson. He then says:

“Right now the theaters seem to be mainly supporting the theme park, amusement park, comic book films. They’re taking over the theaters. I think they can have those films; it’s fine. It’s just that that shouldn’t become what our young people believe is cinema. It just shouldn’t…

This is the world we live in. Our children are, I don’t know what they’re doing with those devices. They perceive reality differently. They perceive even the concept of what history is supposed to be [differently]. How are they going to know about WWII? How are they going to know about Vietnam? What do they think of Afghanistan? What do they think of all of this? They’re perceiving it in bits and pieces. There seems to be no continuity of history.”

He then switched topics when he was asked why his film’s protagonists are mainly men, shooting down the question pretty well, saying:

“No. That’s not even a valid point. That’s not valid. I can’t…. That goes back to 1970. That’s a question that I’ve had for so many years. Am I supposed to? If the story doesn’t call for it…. It’s a waste of everybody’s time. If the story calls for a female character lead, why not? Oh [Alice Doesn’t Live Here], that’s only one film. They don’t count that. Age of Innocence, they don’t count that. Casino. Sharon Stone’s great in that. They don’t count that. Forget it. ‘It’s all these men’. Sure, I’d like to do [more female-centered films], but you know what, I’m 76 now. How am I going to have the time? I don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know. I don’t have time anymore.”

Don’t think Scorsese is some old and set in his ways man either, he tells EW he embraced Netflix for “The Irishman” because studios wouldn’t back him: “People just weren’t interested in financing it – and that was before the CGI. Nobody would give us the money. But I really felt that De Niro and I had one more picture to make, at least, and he was really connected with the character.”

Scorsese is having the last laugh though with “The Irishman” currently sitting as one of the best-reviewed films of the year. It hits select cinemas early next month ahead of a release on Netflix in late November.