Scorsese Explains His Cinematic Concerns

If there has been one topic you can’t escape this month amongst film fans, it’s that of the whole ‘auteurs vs. Marvel’ saga that began with comments from Martin Scorsese, then escalated when Francis Ford Coppola weighed in, then Scorsese again, then Ken Loach and more.

Now, in an extensive new interview with EW, Scorsese has finally gone more in-depth to explain his comments about Marvel films, as opposed to the brief pull quotes from press conferences that have got everybody riled up. From the more articulated responses, Scorsese’s issues tie far more to major blockbuster spectacle than superhero films in particular:

“[A traditional studio is] geared toward the most amount of money you can make — understandably. I think it’s gone askew. There’s very little room for this kind of picture. They say, ‘Oh you can make independent films.’ That’s putting people in the margins. Putting art in the margins.

The tentpole films, the big comic book films, they’re theme park movies – as well done as many of them are, at all levels. It’s a different cinema form or a new art form entirely. We’re hoping there are theaters that show the films that are not that.

And that if they’re not going to show it that filmmakers still have an opportunity with streaming – it changes the experience, but otherwise, in two to three years now, it’s not being done. A good filmmaker comes in from Italy or France comes in, the film has to be a [franchise] or they won’t do it anymore.”

Scorsese then discusses his latest crime epic and hopes it will force audiences to experience cinema in a way that they’re almost never asked to these days with a project that takes its time and is very deliberately-paced: “If you can help them be open to something that might have different layers to it, where they may not be able to get it until two days later, that might be interesting.”

“The Irishman,” which is garnering some of the best reviews of Scorsese’s career, arrives in cinemas on November 1st and will hit globally on Netflix from Novmeber 27th.