Schwarzenegger Considers “Twins” Sequel?

The same source that broke the Justin Lin “Terminator 5” news tells What’s Playing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering another sequel to another of his works – the 1988 comedy “Twins”.

Their source claims “Arnold, Danny De Vito and Ivan Reitman are all still in touch and want to work together again, Universal came to them about it [a ‘Twins’ sequel]. it’s a germ of an idea that could spread fast.”

The original had Arnie playing Julius Benedict, the product of an experiment to create a perfect human being who lives on a south seas island where he is raised by philosophers.

He learns the experiment went awry, creating an accidental twin (DeVito) who didn’t inherit his height, physicality or brains and was given up for adoption years before. He sets out in search of both him and their long lost mother.

Schwarzenegger has already committed to “Cry Macho” as his first post-Governor film project with “Terminator 5” and several other works like “The Tomb” as likely follow-ups.